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3D Wall Flowers Backdrop

Guide to Flower Wall Design

Every event needs to have a unique aspect that thrills attendees and leaves them with lifelong memories. The floral wall is a classic and eye-catching feature. It draws in guests, even when there are other event attractions.

The Flowersarch design team has created a guide for our unique floral wall product. They have made hundreds of these walls for clients over the years.

Their experience has helped them develop this comprehensive guide. We discuss the many flower wall design types and the methods used to create event floral walls. For a summary of everything flower walls, keep reading!

Why Incorporate a Flower Wall?

A floral wall installation is the perfect addition to any event, no matter the theme or occasion. It is eye-catching, vibrant, and bright, adding a touch of beauty to the space.

A flower wall turns into a backdrop for images visitors can't help but take. An attractive fence might become the center of attention in a space! You can add branding to a wall by using hashtags and logos. This will make them visible to all attendees at the event. It is an easy way to incorporate branding into the event space.  

Types of Events to Feature Flower Walls

A few of the top gatherings to feature flower walls:

  • Product Launches
  • Press Events
  • Festival Activations
  • Film Screenings
  • Weddings/Private Parties

Flower Wall Design Conceptualization

It's essential to consider the event's goal and target audience when creating any floral wall design. When you are planning a product launch, make sure to create a wall that features the brand's logo and colors.

This will help to make a memorable impact on your audience. You can use colors from the product or packaging to enhance the overall look of the wall. This simple addition can leave a lasting impression on those attending the launch event.

Research and use high-quality materials for your flower wall backdrops. This will ensure they look beautiful and last throughout the event.  

What are Popular Types of Flowers & Greenery to Use in Your Design?


  • Roses - Roses come in many colors and are strong enough to be put in a wall or in water vases."  
  • Cymbidium Orchids - These orchids are delicate flowers with a powerful impression. They may be used in a flower wall with water picks and have distinctive patterns throughout their petals.  


  • Italian Ruscus - This year-round, durable greenery type is ideal for the foundation of any floral wall.  
  • Plumosa Fern - This type of greenery looks airy and light, making it perfect for use as a wall filler.  

Real vs. Faux Flowers

Choosing natural versus artificial flowers is crucial to designing a flower wall. When designing a flower wall, there are several things to consider to ensure the wall looks its best during the event. 

When deciding between natural or fake flowers for an event, the date and locati0n are key factors to consider. Silk flowers are the best option if a flower wall will be up for more than a day, as fresh flowers fade quickly and won't survive.

Fresh flowers make a beautiful wall arrangement since they will remain vibrant for the event. Regarding the surroundings, fresh flowers may soon droop and even die during an event hosted outside in a hot climate. In this case, faux flowers are the way to go if you want your wall to always wow visitors.

Incorporating Non-Floral Elements

Include non-floral pieces in the wall for contrast and texture to take your floral background to the next level. Adding lipstick tubes to a flower wall for a cosmetics launch is one way to introduce non-floral features. The elements will encourage attendees to take pictures during the event even more if they are consistent with the subject and goals of the gathering. When considering non-floral additions, the options are virtually limitless!  

Types of Designs

Tropical Walls

Create a tropical floral wall to transport people to a tropical locati0n at an impending business or social function. You can make a beautiful tropical flower wall by adding tropical plants and flowers to a wall. Heliconia, Mokara orchids, and anthuriums are tropical flowers that can be paired with different tropical leaves to create a beautiful backdrop."

A wall with a tropical theme is a crowd favorite and always makes a statement, whether at a private event or a product launch. To give a variety of leaves a more sophisticated look, consider spray painting them in vibrant colors that complement the event's color palette.  

Greenery Walls

Want to create a natural setting for a theme party? Walls covered in moss and greenery complement an event's theme and foster a calm atmosphere.

You can use moss, branches, leaves, and other vegetation in this design. Put a logo contrasting with the monochrome green background to make the branding stand out.

A prevalent motif observed in recent occasions is the live flower wall, often known as the living flower wall. These walls are hydroponically grown plant panels that may be attached to walls or left free-standing. Because live walls are autonomous, they can endure longer than regular walls.   

Fruits and Vegetables Walls

Use fruits and veggies as whimsical embellishments on a wall! Produce adds something unique and surprising to a specially made item. Fruit is a component of some products, such as flavored liquors. Therefore, this is the ideal chance to include the fruits in the wall to create a unified aesthetic.

Given the abundance of options, fruits and vegetables make excellent wall elements. They provide a wall with a distinct texture in addition to various hues.   

Hints of Florals

Sometimes, when it comes to capturing a moment for a snapshot, simpler is better. Even without completely covering a wall in flowers, well-placed blooms can still have a significant effect.

Smaller applications of flowers include a cluster of floral shapes or a delicate outline of a trademark. This flower wall design style aims to draw attention to a wall in a more understated and tidy manner. For a minimalistic look for your event, this is the ideal option for floral wall décor.

Neon Sign Flower Walls

Something about neon seems intriguing. Neon signs can add a pop of color to a photo. They can catch your eye or bring back memories. They are perfect for enhancing the visual appeal of a photograph.

A brand can choose colors and fonts to create a sign that matches its style and suits the event theme. There are many options available to choose from.

The sign can be customized to fit the brand's unique aesthetic. This allows the brand to create a cohesive look for the event. We will subtly incorporate your brand into every social media image you post. You can add a catchy branding element such as a phrase, hashtag, or quote to achieve this.  

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