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Yellow wedding theme

Ideas for a Yellow Wedding Theme

Summer weddings are all about pleasant emotions and hues, and yellow is one of the most joyful of them! Since yellow is a cheerful and lovely color, how about using a yellow wedding theme to wow your guests?

Yellow wedding decorations are a great way to add sunshine to your event; there are many ways to use yellow in wedding décor!

You can combine various tones of yellow with other colors to avoid having an all-yellow theme at your wedding. The grey, white, purple, pink, and many more hues complement yellow well.

Incorporating yellow flowers into your yellow wedding theme and floral arrangements is easy because there are many options available.

You can add a pop of yellow to your wedding by choosing yellow décor for your bouquet, cake, and other elements.

Check out these lovely ideas we have for you if you're unsure of what colors to pair yellow with for a stunning yellow wedding theme: 


Yellow and Purple Wedding Theme

Everyone is going to adore this striking color scheme. Purple is the way to go if you want a yellow wedding theme but also want to add some richness to it.

We adore the pairing of yellow and purplish-blue flowers for this fantastic engagement celebration in Dubai!

A yellow and purple wedding theme is a bright and cheery option for couples who like to create a joyful atmosphere for their big day. These two colors look great together. They can be mixed to create many different styles. These styles range from fun and casual to romantic and dreamy. 

Yellow and Green Wedding Theme

No wedding theme is more modern than yellow and green! Yellow and green together remind you of a Sicilian wedding in Amman. The scene is filled with green plants, lemons, and yellow flowers.

Yellow and Gold Wedding Theme

Gold and yellow provide a striking color combination if you're seeking something elegant and striking! This wedding in Bahrain features yellow and gold as a stunning color combination, challenging your beliefs about wedding colors. The art deco theme adds a touch of elegance to the event. The use of yellow and gold creates a beautiful and unique aesthetic.

Yellow and Blue Wedding Theme

When deciding on a yellow wedding theme, yellow and blue are the most common color combos. A wedding motif with yellow and blue is cheery, lively, and new! The focal point of this gorgeous Sicilian wedding theme in Riyadh was this floor, which we adore because it was blue and yellow.

A yellow and aqua wedding theme would be an excellent color palette for a summer wedding. 


Royal Blue and Yellow Wedding Theme

We suggest a royal blue and yellow wedding theme for the ultimate robust and prosperous color combo! Consider combining vivid yellows and rich royal blues to create an abundant wedding theme your guests will like.

Yellow and White Wedding Theme

Brides popularly choose a white and yellow wedding motif because it is understated, sophisticated, and uncomplicated. This delicate and elegant color scheme is sure to please.

Yellow and Brown Wedding Theme

Yes, brown and yellow together might appear odd for a wedding, but they can make such a lovely color scheme when done correctly!

Imagine lovely sunflowers on a rich, deep chocolate brown backdrop, highlighting the bloom's beauty. 

Black and Yellow Wedding Theme

A black and yellow wedding theme is the ideal color combination for an ultra-modern wedding with a splash of color!

Yellow and Grey Wedding Theme

You won't regret choosing a yellow and grey wedding theme—a pleasant, classy, and understated color scheme.

Yellow is the color to use if you want to add bright accents because grey is a neutral hue that goes nicely with any color you choose.

Orange and Yellow Wedding Theme

When considering an orange and yellow wedding motif, a rustic wedding immediately springs to mind! Imagine gorgeous burnt orange and yellow tones adorning wooden tables to give your wedding a cozy, rustic vibe. It would be breathtaking. 

Pastel Yellow Wedding Theme

Soft yellow is a good option for a timeless and elegant wedding theme. This is especially true if your wedding is in the spring or summer. It is a charming and classic color option for your wedding.

All Yellow Wedding

We really liked the yellow-themed wedding in Lebanon. It had yellow decorations and flowers on all the tables. An all-yellow wedding shouts happiness and excitement.

Yellow Wedding Favors

The presence of wedding favors greatly enhances the happy and upbeat ambiance of weddings. Yellow is a happy, joyful, and positive color known for its brightness and cheerfulness. Yellow wedding favors can bring joy and excitement to the occasion. They capture the happy moment and add enthusiasm to it.

It's crucial to consider your wedding ceremony's style and budget when choosing yellow wedding favors. Additionally, you can select gifts that showcase the interests and characteristics of the bride and groom.

Here are some suggestions for wedding favors in yellow: 

  • Yellow chocolates or sweets: This timeless present is an excellent option for any wedding reception. Choose your favorite chocolates or candies to provide the guests. 
  • Yellow candles: A romantic touch to any wedding ceremony is added by candles. Candles with unique designs or engravings are an option. 
  • Yellow flowers: Flowers are emotional and loving symbols. A bouquet of yellow roses or other yellow flowers is an option. 
  • Honey jars: One of the most creative ideas for yellow favors is honey jar favors. You can select little honey-filled jars to present to the wedding guests. 
  • Yellow drinks: Serve bottles of yellow juice or beverages like cool lemonade. 
  • Olive oil bottles: Choose tiny olive oil bottles and give them to the wedding guests. They will undoubtedly value this considerate suggestion.

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