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Wedding Themes

It seems sense that summer is such a popular season for weddings—perfect weather and a happy vibe. Choose a whimsical motif for your summer wedding to reflect these positive sentiments. You're in the right place if you're looking for the best summertime wedding themes. To help you get the look, we've put up a list of 12 of our favorites, along with decorating and styling advice.

Stunning Summer Wedding Theme Ideas

We have a list of popular summer wedding themes. These include colorful flowers, soft pastels, carnival rides, and a beachy surfer vibe. You can use these ideas for inspiration when planning your special day.


Have an island-themed wedding reception to take your guests to a tropical paradise. This motif works wonderfully for a destination wedding and is a great way to showcase vibrant, bold summer wedding colors.

As décor, use garlands of tropical flowers, potted palm trees, and fresh fruit in your centerpieces. Wear bright colors or island-inspired designs for your bridesmaids or wedding party; accessorize your hair with tropical flowers, or cover the floor with the petals of tropical flowers. Make a meal with Caribbean BBQ and tiki beverages to finish the experience.


Weddings with a vintage feel are always quite beautiful. This could be the perfect motif for your summer wedding if you've reserved a classic, timeless wedding location.

Arrive and depart in a vintage vehicle. Arrange traditional flowers to line the aisles. To complete the appearance, have your bridal party wear unique, mismatched vintage bridesmaid gowns in addition to your vintage wedding dress or suit. Enjoy a nostalgic collection of classic songs and dance the night away.

Soft Pastels

We adore the concept of basing your event around a gentle pastel color scheme for a dreamy, romantic appearance. Though you would believe that these colors are only appropriate for spring weddings, they can look amazing as a summer wedding theme.

Pick an accent color and use it in all of your wedding decor, table settings, attire, and invites. Request gorgeous bouquets made of baby's breath and hydrangeas in pastel colors from your florist. Use cupcakes in each of your selected colors or a multi-layer pastel wedding cake to carry out the motif.

Rustic Boho

The warm atmosphere and DIY appeal of the rustic boho look to ensure that it never goes out of style. A rustic wedding can be held at any location, but it's a great option for a backyard or barn wedding in the summer.

Search for organic components to incorporate into your design, such as rope, twine, dried flowers, and warm-toned wood. Incorporate newly harvested wildflowers and plants to infuse the area with color. Create custom blackboard signage for your wedding and arrange a rustic pallet wall to serve as the background for a DIY photo booth space.

Beach Wedding

A beach wedding is the first thing that usually comes to mind when considering summer wedding ideas. An outdoor ceremony on the sand may be the perfect choice for you and your partner if you both enjoy being by the ocean and want to exchange vows there.

A driftwood bridge awaits at the end of the sandy aisle; keep things elegant yet simple with flowers lining it. Prepare little fans and parasols that your guests can take home as wedding favors. Celebrate with custom cocktails on the beach following the wedding ceremony, or go to a nearby venue for supper and dancing.

Retro Surf

Consider a retro surf-themed wedding as an enjoyable alternative to the typical summertime wedding themes. You can throw a very awesome retro surf wedding celebration whether or not you decide to surf the waves after the ceremony.

Bring your guests to the dance floor so you can show off your moves to some timeless beach music. Should either of you be an avid surfer, you should have a personalized wedding cake topper made featuring you both riding boards. Serve your guests popsicles and candies that they could get on the boardwalk, such as cotton candy or salt water taffy, in addition to your typical wedding confections.


When the season closes in, and the weather turns colder, you could find yourself drawn to a cozier autumnal wedding theme. A late-summer wedding with a sunflower theme can embrace a warmer color scheme, a rustic yet stylish feel, and lots of happiness.

Instead of a traditional bridal bouquet, replace it with a few gorgeous sunflowers, and make sure your ceremony and reception are decorated with an abundance of them. To carry the idea, use burnt orange and warm yellow as accent colors. Choose an elegant edible sunflower topper, or go for a vibrant and striking cake. Give your guests a package of sunflower seeds as a sweet wedding favor suggestion.


A festival akin to a carnival would make an immersive (and unusual) theme. Convert the standard white wedding reception tent into a circus tent and enjoy all the quirky nostalgia and old-fashioned fun that this party theme has to offer.

Invite your guests to wear bright, unusual clothing. Replace a typical sit-down supper with a van filled with ice cream and food trucks. Hire carnival rides and stalls from a specialized provider if your budget allows it. DIY carnival games are a less expensive alternative that is guaranteed to provide a lot of entertainment and laughter.

Fairytale Whimsical 

It's not necessary for your wedding day to resemble anyone else's. Not everyone is comfortable with a traditional ceremony and location. Have a fanciful wedding celebration inspired by a fairy tale if you'd rather disappear into a magical and enigmatic realm.

After the ceremony held outside in the shade of the trees, gather around a long table adorned with gorgeous string lights to eat dinner. While you dance, ask a folk band to play, and make your own imaginative trademark beverages with flavors and ingredients that come straight from nature. Mention wizards and folktales to heighten the mystical element, or incorporate fairy houses amidst the trees into your fanciful design.

Eco Chic

If you and your partner are concerned about the environment, an eco-chic wedding makes perfect sense. Celebrate your big day by encouraging others to adopt more environmentally friendly events and customs or just by using it as an opportunity to reduce your personal consumption.

Opt for an eco-friendly wedding locati0n and send personalized digital invites rather than paper ones. Emphasize environmentally responsible decorating and transportation options, and replace any single-use items with reusable ones.

Add loads of greenery to your wedding to make it truly "green." Incorporate live plants and wildflowers throughout the ceremony and reception areas. Make a gorgeous wall of flowers or plants so that people may take pictures to commemorate the day.


Have a celebration with a nautical theme and draw inspiration from the timeless themes of the ocean and its inhabitants. This top summer wedding theme is perfect for both elegant and laid-back gatherings, whether you're hosting them by the water or not.

Select furnishings and flower arrangements that accentuate your characteristic color combination of turquoise, sand, and navy, with touches of red for a flash of color. Utilize a ship's wheel as the focal point of your design, then tie in driftwood, rope, and twine to complete the look. Make lovely seashell wedding favors to serve as a memento of your nautical-themed wedding.

Secret Garden

If having gorgeous flowers in your bouquet isn't enough, have a garden wedding and reception to center the entire event around them.

Instead of wearing a black tie or standard white wedding dress, opt for something with a floral pattern or a soft pastel color. Throw a sophisticated tea party on the lawn with heirloom plates, napkins, and silverware. Fresh peonies and summer bridal flowers in vibrant containers, together with bunting all around, will liven up the table. Present a variety of small pastries and light snacks together with an abundance of fruit tea and floral-themed beverages.

Plan Your Dream Day with One of These Wedding Themes for Summer

One of the most fun aspects of wedding preparation is selecting your theme. It makes the remaining choices more clear, allowing you to focus your thoughts and design the wedding of your dreams. Additionally, take inspiration from one of our above-listed options if you're organizing a summer wedding.

Select our digital wedding stationery to go with your summer wedding theme once you've decided on it. Locate your template and utilize it for your thank-you notes and wedding invites, and save the dates. Make it unique by altering the wording, colors, and layout.

The guest list management, communication, and sending are all simple and seamless. It's the ideal method to break the news in line with your amazing summer wedding.