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Wedding Flower Balls

What Is the Ideal Size of the Flower Ball

Do you want some unique decorations for your special day? Are you planning to make something simple and inexpensive? After that, let's get to the ideal tutorial for creating pomander balls for your wedding.

Fresh flowers make pomander balls, also known as kissing balls. Its name comes from the French phrase "apple of amber," which translates to "a ball of perfume."

Traditionally, an orange fruit with cloves inserted was used as a pomander ball, sometimes called a kissing ball. It prevented illnesses and unpleasant odors at weddings. They were also utilized for aromatherapy in homes back in the day.

Nowadays, pomanders, also called flower balls, are a must-have for weddings and are made with artificial flowers. Would you like to give your guests or bridesmaids pomander flower balls as a wedding favor? Are you trying to get inspiration and guidance on how to make one? By following our guide, learn all there is to know about pomander flower balls.

What Size of a Pomander Ball Is Suitable for a Flower Girl?

The purpose of a flower ball determines its ideal size. A gigantic ball around 7" or 8" in diameter would work well if you decorate it. Fewer flower balls will be needed for your event's decoration. Smiling pomander balls in the 4-5" size might be a bit pricey because you'll need many of them to decorate the event.

You don't need to purchase a large flower ball if you're using it for the flower girl; a smaller one, about 4" to 5", will serve just fine. You can also give the smaller pomander flower balls as freebies to the bridesmaids or bridal parties. A smaller one would be the wiser option in both situations.

It also depends on whether you purchase it or make it yourself. Making flower balls at home can be expensive as they need a styrofoam ball, glue gun, and fake flowers. Remember that the finished ball will be twice as large as the original Styrofoam piece, so make your purchase appropriately.

How to Make the Flower Ball for a Flower Girl

Check out these simple instructions to build a pomander flowery ball for the flower girl. First, gather the supplies listed below:

  1. Styrofoam ball (4’’-5’’)
  2. Glue gun
  3. Artificial flowers(carnations, sola wood flowers, etc.)
  4. Glue gun
  5. Baby's breath (optional)
  6. Floral U wire
  7. Lace or ribbon


  1. Make sure you use a glue gun to secure the floral U wire that you insert through the hole in the top of the Styrofoam ball. You'll need that loop to put the ribbon or lace through it, so let it dry for a bit.
  2. One by one, affix imitation flowers to the styrofoam ball by applying glue to the back of each blossom. To ensure that there is no remaining white space, properly attach them.
  3. You can use a glue gun to fill the spaces with dried baby breath (golden, champagne, silver, etc.). Once it has dried, your flower ball is prepared.

5 Unique Flower Ball Ideas

Whether making flower arrangements at home or buying flowers online, we have a list of ideas to assist with event planning.

  1. Use red roses:
  2. They know how to make a big impression using natural or artificial roses. The color red would work well for an evening occasion, such as a supper, wedding, or birthday. For a beautiful look, try using red roses as flower balls.
  3. Try a different material:
  4. Who said you could make a pomander flower ball out of flowers? Try creating your own styrofoam paper flower ball and paper roses using crumpled magazines or book pages.
  5. Coffer filler peonies:
  6. New coffer fillers can be assembled carefully to create a vast flower ball of white peonies. All you need to do is arrange these lovely giant coffee filler peonies on any centerpiece.
  7. Cupcake liner flower ball:
  8. Cupcake liners are another creative and entertaining method (available in many colors and designs). You can create a cupcake liner flower ball with a bit of crumpling and glue assembly.
  9. Fake flower ball:
  10. To fit the theme of your event, you may choose from an exclusive range of hues in our online store's artificial flower balls.

Pro tip: for a fantastic effect, insert LED lights into the flower balls if you're hosting an event at night.

End Note

Pomander wedding flower balls are one of the best wedding decor. They're easy to make, handy, and show your creativity. Make them yourselves or buy them from an online store; they add festivity and color to your event.

Pomander flower balls would look beautiful on wedding arches, aisles, pews, or the back of the wedding chairs. Since the couple is too busy planning a wedding, you might need more time to make flower balls. A better option would be to buy them from an online store and save the day.

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