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Faux wedding flowers

A complete guide to faux wedding flowers

One of the most crucial choices when determining the mood and aesthetic of a wedding is the choice of flowers. One of the best parts is also picking the flowers! However, beautiful flower arrangements are usually expensive, and many couples need helpng to stick to their floral budget.

More couples are choosing fresh flower alternatives because artificial flowers are getting better. These alternatives are cost-effective and long-lasting.

Let's start by examining two of the most widely used artificial wedding flower options: Silk Flowers and Sola Wood.  

Sola Wood Flowers

What are sola wood flowers?

A less expensive and more environmentally friendly option to fresh flowers is sola wood flowers. They are constructed from thin, light wood pieces akin to balsa wood—imagine the stuff used to build a model airplane. The tiny wood bits are shaped into petals and used to create flowers. They are a lovely, robust alternative with a whimsical, distinctive appearance.  

Where do you purchase sola wood flowers?

Sola wood flowers are available for purchase, either uncolored or pre-dyed. Many DIY enthusiasts choose to buy undyed flowers to save money or add a personal touch by dyeing or painting them.

This allows for a more affordable option for those who enjoy crafting. Additionally, it provides the opportunity to create a one-of-a-kind design that reflects the individual's creativity and style. Both choices are available at various internet stores, such as Solo Wood Flowers.

There are different stages of assembly available for Sola wood flowers. There are flowers on sale with stems already attached. If a couple wants to spend less time DIY, they can buy entire bouquets on craft websites like Etsy.  

What are the benefits of sola wood flowers?

Saving money is the primary advantage of selecting sola wood flowers. Purchasing a pre-dyed and assembled sola wood flower arrangement can save you at least 50% compared to buying fresh flowers.

You can save money by making your own flower arrangements. This involves putting together and coloring the flowers yourself. It may take some time, but the savings can be significant.

Additionally, sola wood flowers are a fantastic choice for couples with particular color schemes. The color options are infinite because the blooms can be manually colored.

Sola wood holds up well in harsh outdoor environments, including heat and humidity, in contrast to fresh flowers. Sola wood flowers can be stored as souvenirs or sold to another couple, but fresh flowers wither away after a day.  

Do they look natural?

Not really. The purpose of artificial flowers is not to imitate the appearance of natural flowers. They have a distinct, frequently rustic appearance.

Although sola wood flowers can appear fresh in photographs, you can tell the difference in color and wood texture in person. While artificial flowers can never fully replicate the beauty of real flowers, many couples still find them beautiful enough.  

Silk flowers

What are silk flowers?

Silk flowers are less expensive than fresh flowers, much like sola wood flowers. Usually composed of silk, plastic, or other materials, silk flowers, also referred to as imitation flowers, are manufactured. The material used to make the flowers will determine their quality.

Many people associate artificial wedding flowers with the fake ones found in craft stores or on their grandmother's table. However, there are now more realistic options available. However, there are now more realistic options available.

A cheap and frequently environmentally friendly substitute for fresh flowers is silk flowers. They are a lovely, robust alternative that will outlive even the most recently picked flowers.  

Where do you purchase silk flowers?

Faux flowers are available from many vendors; however, the quality varies.

Lowest quality: In the floral section of a nearby craft store, you can get the least costly and lowest quality silk flowers. Even from a distance, these flowers frequently have an artificial and plastic appearance.

Medium quality: If a couple decides to make their silk flowers at home, they frequently check the internet for silk flower vendors. Many online merchants provide lovely, reasonably priced choices often offered by the stem.

We suggest Etsy for completed bouquet purchases because they sell reasonably priced, high-quality artificial flowers. Many silk flowers will be shipped abroad, so be advised. If you do not like the flowers you ordered, make sure you have enough time to choose something else before your occasion.

Highest quality: At an average cost of $15 per flower, buying premium silk flowers is frequently just as costly as purchasing live flowers. On the other hand, renting premium silk flowers is growing in popularity. A few days before your event, Silk Stem Collective sends you fake wedding flowers to use. After the event, you can return them by mail."  

What are the benefits of silk flowers?

The primary advantage of selecting silk flowers is financial savings, much like the savings of sola wood flowers. You can save up to 70% on fresh flowers by renting high-quality artificial flowers. You can save 30 to 50 percent compared to fresh flowers even if you buy medium-quality flowers and put them together yourself.

Silk flowers, unlike fresh ones, can withstand harsh outside elements, including heat and humidity. Silk flowers can be maintained as a memento or given to another couple, whereas fresh flowers wither away after a day. Although silk flowers do not last as long as fresh ones, they are still much more resilient than sola wood flowers.  

Do they look natural?

Real-looking fake flowers of superior quality! In pictures, average quality will appear authentic. Silk flowers have a feel similar to genuine flowers, unlike sola wood flowers, which have a rougher texture. Silk flowers are the finest solution for couples seeking a realistic-looking substitute for fresh flowers.

Assessing the Pros and Cons of Faux Flowers For Wedding:


  • Affordable (sometimes)
  • Durable
  • No care required
  • Reusable
  • All flowers are available in all seasons
  • No allergens


  • Questionable quality
  • No fragrance


Like plastic surgery, fake flowers can produce excellent and realistic outcomes or are artificial and cheap. Fake flowers from craft stores are typically composed of cheap plastic, which makes them appear cheesy or tacky in floral arrangements. This damages the reputation of synthetic flowers, but there are more sensible solutions.

Silk and other premium materials create luxurious artificial flowers with an authentic floral appearance. You may buy expensive imitation flowers online at Etsy and other stores, but they'll set you back like decent plastic surgery.  


Fresh flowers for a wedding often cost $1,500. The price of fake flowers can vary greatly depending on their quality, from much less to much more. Buying flowers from a local craft store can save you money, but the quality may not be as good.   


The lovely aroma of roses adds the ideal finishing touch to a stunning wedding. Certain flowers have the power to transport people back to their wedding day. Others will be stuffy and sneezing just minutes after inhaling that pleasant aroma. While some couples adore the scent, others detest it!  


There's no denying that. Fresh flower maintenance can be difficult and unpleasant. To prevent wilting or mashing, fresh flowers need water, gentle handling, and moderate temperatures.

Hiring a professional florist to transport and arrange your fresh flowers is a good investment. It can be challenging and time-consuming to do it on your own. A professional florist has the expertise and tools to ensure your flowers look their best. Save yourself the hassle and let a professional handle it for you.

However, synthetic flowers are far easier to travel and require almost no maintenance.  


Because fake flowers are long-lasting and sturdy, you can keep them as a reminder of your special day or sell them online. Only a day or two are fresh flowers fresh before they fade.

Additionally, faux flowers work considerably better in challenging conditions like hot outdoor gatherings or places without air conditioning. If you want your event to be as durable as possible, use artificial flowers.  


Only some varieties of fresh flowers will be available at every time of year. Usually, it's not too restrictive, but it's worth considering if you have a particular taste in flowers.  

Environmental impact

Artificial and fresh flowers have advantages and disadvantages in terms of their environmental effects. Because fresh flowers decompose naturally, they won't wind up in a landfill like artificial flowers made of plastic.

However, growing fresh flowers frequently requires a lot of water, energy, and pesticides. They often flow worldwide, which has a significant adverse environmental impact. Speak with your florist about "green" options if you're interested, or think about using your artificial flowers and selling them after you're through.  

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