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How are your artificial flowers made?

Our artificial flowers are expertly developed and produced from premium synthetic fiber materials to replicate the appearance and texture of real flowers. To make each flower nearly identical to the genuine one, great care is used in its cutting, dying, and assembly.

Are artificial flowers durable?

Indeed, we make our artificial flowers to survive a long time. They are constructed from durable materials that will hold up over time and resist frequent handling. However, to guarantee their longevity, appropriate upkeep and care are necessary. Keep them out of the sun and other extreme weather for as long as possible, and give them a gentle cleaning once a while to get rid of dust.

Can artificial flowers be used outdoors or waterproof?

Sure. Although our artificial flowers can be used outside, it is not advised to leave them outside for an extended period of time when they are exposed to the weather.

Artificial flowers for outdoor use could be somewhat water resistant, but they are usually not waterproof. Avoiding overexposure to water, such as during periods of intense rains, is crucial as it could potentially impact their longevity and color.

How long do artificial flowers last?

With the right maintenance, artificial flowers can survive a very long period. Artificial flower lifespans are influenced by various elements, including the flowers' quality, sunshine exposure, and upkeep. Artificial flowers of superior quality, when stored properly, can endure for many years.

How do I care for artificial flowers?

The fact that artificial flowers require less upkeep is one of its benefits. You can periodically dust them off with a soft cloth or use a hairdryer on a cold setting to remove any accumulated dust to maintain them looking their best. The colors may gradually fade if they are left in the sun for prolonged periods of time.

How to choose artificial flowers suitable for me?

When selecting artificial flowers, take into account your tastes, potential uses, and overall design aesthetic. Verify that the blooms' dimensions, form, and color meet your requirements. Selecting the ideal artificial flower also requires examining the website's product details, photos, and user reviews.

Can I customize my floral arrangements?

Yes, we are able to alter the size and floral arrangements to suit your preferences. Contact our help for further information.

What are the payment options available?

Our payment methods include credit/debit cards(Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Union Pay), PayPal

How long does shipping take?

Depending on your region and the delivery option you select at checkout, shipping timeframes may change.

Standard Shipping: Orders are shipped out after 10 to 12 working days of processing. 5-7 working days will pass before shipping. It will arrive in 3–4 weeks after payment.

Orders placed in a rush are filled and delivered out in three to seven business days. 5-7 working days will pass before shipping. When you pay, you'll receive it in one to two weeks.

Do you offer wholesale or bulk pricing?

Yes, we might provide bulk or wholesale rates. For information on placing a bulk purchase for artificial flowers, please get in touch with our customer service representatives. If you have any questions about pricing or anything else, we'll be pleased to help.

Are the goods I received 100% the same as the picture?

Not precisely the same because the basic and secondary materials' quantities and orders cannot match those in the photographs. If you are concerned about this outcome, you can request a final image confirmation before to shipment. We usually provide extra flower heads and glue, so please arrange and restore them as they will be compressed during transit.