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Wedding Flower Arch

Wedding Flower Arches | Everything You Need to Know

For your wedding, are you considering a floral arch?

You're in the proper location. Prepare yourself to learn everything you need to know and be inspired!

We are a luxury wedding and event florist based in London. We enjoy creating unique floral arches for special occasions.

Wedding arches are beautiful decorations with interesting histories that serve as a focal point in the area.

To learn more about the options, continue reading.

To Arch or Not to Arch?

Who could argue that a lovely wedding arch is not charming, dreamy, and whimsical?

However, they might only be appropriate for some pairs.

It's critical to consider your theme, venue, and budget.

Our goal is to help you make the best decisions by providing guidance.

Unlike many other florists, we'll provide you with our guidance and honest ideas on what will work best.

At a wedding, floral arches make a striking focal point.

They focus attendees' attention on a specific spot and grab their attention.

Using an arch instead of an altar can be a unique and beautiful way to welcome guests to your celebration. It can also add a striking decoration to your reception.

Additional advantages of floral arches for weddings are:

- They work well for both modern and traditional celebrations. Whether it means a more rustic design with branches and wildflowers or a romantic arch of full, soft peonies, we'll help you express the spirit of your wedding.

- A striking floral arch adds even more color to the scene.

- A beautifully crafted arch provides a fantastic background for one-of-a-kind and magnificent wedding photos.

- They serve as a focal point for outdoor weddings and can have a mysterious, magical character that perfectly captures the soul of the surrounding environment.

A floral wedding arch adds extra spectacle to intimate festivities, bringing attention to the décor and softening the otherwise somewhat stiff ambiance.

A wedding flower arch may provide fewer advantages than benefits for the wedding festivities.

Among them are:

- An arch stops being an improvement and starts to become a distraction.

- The arch's arrangement must be more organized and follow the wedding's concept.

- The size and structure of the arch make it challenging to set up, locate, or take down.

We construct gorgeous flower arches for weddings that elevate festivities with beauty and grace.

We will visit your locati0n to make sure our floral arch design matches your wedding theme and decor perfectly. This is important for us to create the look you desire. We want to ensure everything is coordinated and beautiful for your special day.

To include your visions and ideas in our finished products, we'll also talk to you about your wedding.

How Much Does a Flower Arch Cost?

"How much will I pay for a wedding flower arch?" is frequently asked.

This question needs a single correct response.

The final product's cost is determined by several variables, such as the arch's size and design, the flowers selected, and the time required to develop and build the idea.

Your wedding florist will be able to provide you with a quote once you've discussed the project in detail and before any work is done.

We don't provide floral packages because every wedding, including the flowers, should be unique and distinctive.

Therefore, offering wedding floral arches at fixed costs is not feasible.

We would be pleased to offer you a complimentary, no-obligation phone consultation to review options and prices for your wedding flower needs.

You can also count on us to deliver outstanding returns on your investment because of our commitment, meticulous attention to detail, and gorgeous designs.

Wedding Arch Origins & Symbolism

As professional artists, historical customs and designs frequently serve as inspiration.

This involves creating flower arches for weddings. Flower arches were first used in ceremonies near altars after sacrifices in ancient Greece and Rome.

Getting a little closer to the present, couples in Spain used to go under an "arch of sabers."

This implied that they would stick together under any circumstance.

Couples started using wedding arches to personalize outdoor Protestant or nonreligious weddings in America over time.

The wedding floral arches we have now, like this dreamy and romantic design we made, result from this rich and varied past.

It pays homage to wedding arch traditions while maintaining a modern, minimalist aesthetic.

When we work with couples, we are inspired by the history and symbolism of floral arrangements. We are also inspired by the personal story of the engaged couple.

Wedding flower arches have a rich history of symbolic meaning.

The curved arches symbolize the future house of the married couple as they embark on their new life together.

It is stated that an arch with doors symbolizes the passage from the past to the future.

According to others, square arches symbolize stability, which is undoubtedly advantageous for a couple getting married.

Whatever floral wedding arch style you choose will symbolize your love for one another as you unite on one of the most important days of your life.

Do You Need to be Religious to Have a Wedding Flower Arch?

You don't have to be religious to include a wedding flower arch, but if you are, you may consist of one in your celebration.

In actuality, floral arches can be found in various wedding festivities.

This covers humanist marriages, ultramodern civil events, and religious rituals.

They go nicely with any theme or atmosphere.

Flower arches are also essential to the overall appearance of your celebration's landscaping.

Similar to this feature, we aimed to infuse an urban architectural setting with the splendor and color of nature.

There are no standards for the style of wedding flower arches either.

Every design has a place, from elaborate floral arrangements to creations made with branches and twigs.

Naturalistic arches are particularly popular for nonreligious weddings, such as humanist festivities.

Indoor or Outdoor Wedding Flower Arch?

You can choose between an indoor or outdoor wedding arch depending on your venue. Consider how you want to include the arch in your celebrations.

For instance, symbolic events are frequently held outside, as in a garden or beach.

Should the planned regulatory change in England and Wales pass, outdoor weddings would likely increase.

Whether you choose an outdoor or indoor floral arch for your wedding, the most crucial thing is to measure and utilize the available area carefully.

For instance, our design for this freeform arch highlights the church's magnificent architecture.

It's the ideal illustration of how an outdoor flower arch for a wedding may look great.

In contrast, we brought an indoor floral arch design to the Searcys at The Gherkin wedding décor element.

It offered a vibrant contrast to the view of downtown London.

Whether indoors or outdoors, wedding floral arches should always make effective use of available space and blend in with the overall concept and aesthetic of the event.

This is made possible by our all-encompassing approach to wedding flower design.

We consider your festivities as a whole in all we do; we don't design in a vacuum.

We provide helpful advice on our website, such as articles on current wedding flower trends, to assist you in planning.

What are the Different Shapes of Wedding Flower Arches?

Most of you will be familiar with the classic curving design of a wedding arch.

This shape has a timeless elegance, but more options are available for bridal floral arches.

Arches that are square or rectangular, like the one we designed to frame Langan's Brasserie's entry, stand for strength and stability.

That is an ideal symbol for when you are first getting married.

Consider including one of the numerous other forms of bridal flower arches in your design.

Your wedding is a significant milestone in life, and round arches are the ideal representation of it.

Unique, quirky, hexagonal, and triangular wedding flower arches will bring fun to your festivities.

Or, as the pinnacle of passion, how about a heart-shaped flower arch?

We adore irregularly shaped wedding flower arches because they offer the utmost creative flexibility.

Here, we demonstrate how effectively this form choice can be used using the venue's pillars to create a semi-arch framing.

We will collaborate with you to ensure the shape of the wedding flower arch you select is ideal for your nuptials.

You now have the unique feature you've always wanted.

Wedding Flower Arch Ideas

When crafting flower arches, we love having the freedom to create anything we want.

This irregularly shaped arch that we created is an excellent illustration of this.

It's the ideal backdrop for a stunning bride on her wedding day.

That does not mean that the narrative is over.

There are a ton of creative suggestions available for creating bridal flower arches, such as:

Dried flowers and natural components like branches and twigs are combined in a rustic style.

- To make an impression, combine a floral wall with a flower arch.

An arch at the ceremony or reception site entrance will greet your wedding guests.

- Bringing the outside in with a flower arch within your ceremony or reception space, using elements of the surrounding outdoor environment.


We were adding life to the event by creating an arch with vivid colors, such as the mix of red, pink, and green that we came up with.

We adore the purity and simplicity of white wedding floral arches with a hint of green greenery for contrast as an alternative to vibrant colors.

Similar to what we did with this arch to frame a window, you might also consider adding some lights to the arch.

Do you need help honing in on your wedding floral arch design, or have you thought about it?

Not an issue.

We can assist you whether you need more guidance and inspiration or if you have specific ideas that you would like to implement.

Using our creative vision, we will help you make decisions based on your venue, wedding theme, and time the arch needs to be in place.

We will help you choose the right flowers for the arrangement.

Best Foliage and Flowers for a Wedding Arch

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Size:2*2m What's in the package:1 * Artificial Flowers,1*Frame Notable Features: Lifelike, fade-resistant artificial flowers Sturdy metal frame for stability Easy and quick assembly Versatile for various events and venues Low maintenance, suitable for repeated use Notice:While our artifi..
Model: mixed-flowers-in-white-with-leaves-flowerl-arch-including-frame-
Size:2.4*2.4m What's in the package: 1 * Artificial Flowers, 1 * Frame (The flower balll is not included) Notable Features: Lifelike, fade-resistant artificial flowers Sturdy metal frame for stability Easy and quick assembly Versatile for various events and venues Low maintenance, suitable ..
Model: pink-and-white-roses-with-green-leaves-round-flowerl-arch-includ
Size:Diameter 2.0m What's in the package:2 * Artificial Flowers,1*Frame Notable Features: Lifelike, fade-resistant artificial flowers Sturdy metal frame for stability Easy and quick assembly Versatile for various events and venues Low maintenance, suitable for repeated use Introduction t..
Model: red-roses-heart-shape-flowerl-arch-including-frame-2311fa017
Product Description:Elevate the ambiance of your events with our exquisite artificial flower arch, spanning a generous 2 meters by 2 meters. This set includes one meticulously crafted artificial flower arrangement and a robust metal frame for steadfast support.Distinguished Attributes:Crafted with p..
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