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Vintage wedding theme

Tips for a Modern Vintage Wedding Theme

Discovering artifacts from a bygone era and locati0n has a certain, utterly attractive, seductive, and romantic quality. Our hearts constantly skip a beat when we come upon anything unusual and distinctive!

You can give your wedding a vintage feel by using a typewriter for love notes. Another option is to add classic lace to the tables. Every small detail contributes to a new story. We guarantee that this lovely collection will inspire your own love story.

There is a vintage trend for everyone, ranging from the historic and glitzy Hollywood grandeur and charm of the 1920s to rustic country and beautiful romanticism, with a popular fun festival backyard wedding style trend where the wedding guests used to play games on the lawn and sip Pimms from old soda bottles. All you have to do is locate it and revive it!

Millennial couples love modern weddings, but vintage weddings also have a charm that can melt any woman's heart. There are countless reasons why contemporary couples are drawn to weddings with a vintage feel! There are many different styles and decades you can choose from to make your wedding theme unique.

Here's a good advice for all the couples organizing opulent, extravagant vintage-themed weddings! To find inspiration for your wedding day, think back to your favorite period in history! The glitz and glamour of the Roaring Twenties, the alluring and captivating Hollywood glamor of the 1950s, or the hippie, bohemian vibes that were all in vogue in the 1960s are all timeless. There are countless possibilities.

It's easy to find inspiration in historical periods. There is never a time that can match the romance of the Victorian age.

The sumptuous grandeur of the Renaissance, or the seductive colors of the Impressionist times! Put simply, the options are striking. The remaining details will fall into place if you only find your idea!

There are tons of simple ideas to make any historical occasion you decide upon for your wedding day unique and memorable come to life if you're having a vintage-themed wedding! You can easily begin by selecting the locati0n for your wedding.

Make sure the wedding venue you choose has interesting architecture if you are having a vintage-themed celebration. This will provide the ideal backdrop for your wedding photos.

To add even more authenticity and realism to your wedding reception decor, consider incorporating antique and vintage furniture! Add a vintage touch to your designer wedding gown. Style your hair in a way that pays homage to your favorite historical period. This will create a unique and personalized wedding day look.

Don't worry if you can't determine when to go back in time or what details to include on your wedding day to make it a classic vintage-themed celebration. We've got you covered! This blog has all the inspiration you need for a timeless, vintage-themed wedding! So come swim with us in the historic vintage pool!


Tips for Vintage-themed Wedding -


• The Wedding Venue

Selecting a wedding locati0n is the first, or should we say most important, decision a bride must make. The remaining details are a breeze to do after the wedding locati0n is decided!

Choose a wedding venue with beautiful architecture and luxurious features for a traditional, vintage-themed celebration! The wedding locati0n has beautiful exposed brickwork, a dramatic entrance, high-vaulted ceilings, and a grand staircase. It's even better if there's a piano! These components will enhance the look of your vintage wedding and give our affordable photographers many photo opportunities.


• The Color Scheme

Colors that never go out of style are ideal for an unforgettable and unique wedding! Classic vintage-inspired weddings often have colors like burgundy, gold, black, peach, white, and blush!

On this day of your wedding, you are the artistic leader. For your vintage-inspired wedding, feel free to choose multiple primary colors to use in every detail. The primary colors will highlight the authentic qualities of the chosen historical period in everything from flowers to party favors! For a more modern aesthetic and a modern take on the classic appearance, you can also use different color tones!

 Lace & Tulle Wedding Dress

It seems sense that on your wedding day, as a bride, you would want your biggest wow factor to exude old-world elegance in every manner! Particularly for a wedding with a vintage theme, there are many distinct designs of wedding dresses.

There are countless alternatives available for a classic antique wedding dress, ranging from ball dresses to mermaid wedding gowns. However, one particular element will draw attention to the intended theme: lace! Although lace shouldn't be the only material used in your wedding gown, we can guarantee that this particular feature will work wonders for a timeless and opulent bridal style with a vintage feel!

Just choose the time period you like best and find a designer wedding dress that captures its glamour! If you don't like lace, there are still sheer accents on the sleeves and neckline of the wedding dress. These accents include lace to add a unique touch to your dress. and will elegantly awaken the goddess within you.

Ask your designer to add sparkle to your vintage-style wedding dress with rhinestones, beading, and crystals. This will make your dress even more charming and elegant. Tulle is a romantic, vintage fabric that can give your bridal look a classic touch without looking old-fashioned. You can choose to wear it for a timeless appearance.


• Tea-Length Wedding Dress

Tea-length and vintage wedding dresses are popular together because of Audrey Hepburn's influence. The gorgeous and well-known actress married Mel Ferree in 1954, and she looked amazing and famous in a Givenchy tea-length gown!

She donned a wedding dress that was strikingly similar to the popular musical Funny Face three years later, in 1957! Thus, if you're searching for an elegant and vintage wedding gown for your retro-themed celebration, this stylish silhouette is a great option for you, lady!


• Birdcage Wedding Veil

If you choose to forego wearing a veil on your wedding day, a lovely and timeless headpiece will instantly transform your entire bridal ensemble! You can think about accessorizing your wedding gown with a birdcage veil to add a retro and vintage touch to your overall bridal look!

Recall the captivating and recognizable appearance of Kate Winslet in the Titanic film, with the exquisite birdcage veil—it was very captivating! All of your wedding guests will be amazed if you wear a birdcage veil with your gown!

A birdcage veil is a type of bridal veil that covers the top part of your face. It is also known as a netted-style veil. The veil is typically nine inches long.

For a vintage bride look, wear a birdcage wedding veil. Pair it with a tea-length or lace dress. This will give you a classic and elegant style.


• A hairdo

The most popular hairstyle that all vintage-inspired brides select is a tight bun (high, low, or medium) paired with sleek, gelled hair or a few loose curls! However, finger waves are a really fashionable hairstyle these days, whether you want your hair up, down, or put up in a tidy ponytail!

The more attractive and contemporary bride might even like to accessorize her hair, but which would be ideal? A bridal veil, whether lace or sheer, would be the perfect addition to your hairstyle that reflects your vintage-themed wedding! For your hairstyle, you may try accessorizing it with a gorgeous headband, a jeweled crown, or a flower to get the classic and endearing Victorian look on your wedding day!


• Retro Signage

Old-fashioned wedding signs are an easy way to bring vintage charm to your vintage-themed event! You can look through modern and vintage wedding signs on Pinterest, Instagram, or the internet. You can make your own DIY retro signs for your wedding day if you know calligraphy!


• Retro Photobooth

Installing a photo booth at a wedding reception is a highly popular trend these days! Therefore, why not give your photo booth a retro makeover to go with your wedding's vintage theme?

You can turn a car into a photo studio by renting it out. It will be a unique sight that will impress your wedding guests. Any antique or vintage vehicle can be used to create a unique realtor photo booth!


• The Flowers

Without the appropriate flowers, a wedding with a true vintage feel is incomplete! The flowers you choose for your wedding day theme will set the style and feel of your wedding. While roses are common for a vintage theme, you can be creative with your flower choices for the décor. Daisy or peonies are usually a good choice for your bridal bouquet and other wedding décor!

For a vintage look at your wedding, avoid bright colors such as poppies. Instead, opt for darker, more subtle hues like pink, ivory, and burgundy. These colors will help create a classic and elegant atmosphere on your special day. Additionally, you may mix and match the hues to create a more colorful and distinctive floral arrangement!


• The Mismatched Chandeliers

These days, different lighting is quickly gaining popularity as a wedding trend, and it's not difficult to understand why! One thing about lighting, though, is that it may change the atmosphere and ambiance of your wedding locati0n significantly!

We advise you to choose somber options like candlesticks, exposed light bulbs, or even mismatched chandeliers for a truly unforgettable vintage-themed wedding! Consider adding ornate hanging light fixtures—they will be a focal point of your wedding's overall design! The finest benefit of getting mismatched chandeliers is that they will undoubtedly provide your wedding reception area a sophisticated, historic air!


• The Classic Centerpieces

Speaking of centerpieces, the wonderful thing about vintage wedding centerpieces is their versatility. Adding classic elements like wood, glass, candles, rhinestones, and flowers can bring warmth and romance to the wedding venue. There is a great deal of leeway and diversity when it comes to centerpiece arrangements for a vintage-themed wedding!

On this day of your wedding, everything will go according to your wishes. You have complete control over whether you want a soft flame to surround your wedding guests or a lovely scent to permeate the entire space!


• Bring Vintage Getaway Car for Dramatic Exit

Making a bold and dramatic exit from your wedding reception in a stylish car is ideal! To add even more particular touches to this lovely occasion, you can rent a truck or an antique car! We promise that your gorgeous ride will wow every guest at your wedding!


• Bundt Wedding Cake

In the 1950s, bundt cakes became very popular in the US. They are now a great dessert choice for a vintage-themed wedding! Simply work with the pastry chef or caterer to choose a delicious cake that fits your vintage wedding theme!


• Mirrored Decor

Ideas for vintage wedding décor are quite simple to implement! To achieve this, simply work with antique decor objects!

Add a touch of history to your wedding by buying baroque mirrors to decorate the venue! This elegant wedding décor style is inspired by 17th-century European art and architecture. It will give your venue a royal feel and make your wedding stand out!


• Whiskey Bar

Creating a custom whiskey and cigar bar or a DIY section for premium whisky will give a vintage 1920s vibe. This is a great option for a Gatsby-themed wedding. It will add a luxurious touch to your decor on your special day.

Remember to bring in the whiskey substitutes as well, just in case someone else enjoys this flavor! You might also bring a bottle of aged mezcal, brandy, or even rum as an alternative. These choices would be perfect for any vintage-inspired wedding!

Some of the greatest advice for throwing the ideal vintage-themed wedding has been condensed by us. Find classy old-fashioned wedding ideas and memorable weddings that will make a lasting impact on your guests.

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