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Wedding Signage Flowers


If you've been planning what you'd need and how you'd DIY your wedding welcome sign, this lesson is for you.

It can be thrilling and intimidating to plan the wedding of your dreams. You've likely already made a lengthy shopping list of the necessary décor items for your dream wedding. The wedding sign is one of the simplest DIY wedding crafts to complete out of all the numerous (and limitless) options. That implies that even if you wouldn't consider yourself "crafty," you may still follow our DIY wedding sign tutorial.

This is how to make a DIY wedding welcome sign, so grab your glue gun, and let's get started.


Gathering all the supplies for your wedding sign décor is the first step. What you'll need for this craft is as follows:

  • 1 Designer Flower Box 
  •  2 Eucalyptus and Willow Leaf Greenery Garlands (6.5ft) 
  •  Floral Wires 
  •  A welcome sign of your choice 
  •  Pliers 
  •  Glue gun with glue sticks 
  •  Your creative spirit

Remember that you and your future husband are extensions of yourselves at your wedding. This is your chance to show off your distinct personalities, tastes, and styles. Our designer flower boxes include everything you need to create your unique floral design, so consider generic wedding decor.

To create this beautiful DIY wedding sign decoration, we used a designer flower box in dusty blue and navy. You can also make your own using different colors from our designer palettes.


Whether your wedding is traditional or trendy, our 5-step guide will help you create beautiful sign decor to match your theme. This vibrant, rich, and floral DIY wedding welcome décor would benefit any signage.

We have the tutorial; you have the creative spirit. Here are five simple steps to build a homemade wedding welcome sign.


Let's start by removing one long cane and untangling the greenery garland. Next, trim the garland into more manageable pieces. Two pieces of ¼ and four pieces of Ⅻ are your objectives.


Take another long cane and attach the newly manufactured short canes from top to bottom to prepare the base.

The floral wire will be used to secure the canes. Attach each cut piece to the other longer canes using tape. Keep in mind that each flower arrangement attachment point will have many wires. Your do-it-yourself project might appear disorganized now, but don't worry—we're not done yet.


Adding the flowers is the exciting part now!

Arrange most blooms (about 5–6) to the second attachment point on the garland and use a hot glue gun to secure them.


To make the garland look more realistic, add 2-3 artificial flowers to cover the attachment points.


Complete the flower garland by adding as many decorations from Ling's creative flower box set as you desire.

Here's another tutorial stage where you can use your imagination to incorporate your wedding theme. Be bold and play around with your sign; add more flowers, add shells for a tropical wedding, or even weave some twine in for a rustic ceremony.

Any wedding decor may be easily personalized and customized with Ling's Moment. You can customize the garland's size, add additional accents like lights or ribbons, or select from a variety of artificial flowers and greenery from our collections made by our designers.


You've finished your do-it-yourself project. You now have a lovely welcome sign for your wedding that is entirely personalized! Continue reading for answers to frequently asked questions and a few additional pointers.



See, there are only so many requirements for this wedding. It's yours.

A white gown? Select any color you desire. Cake, cake pops, or nothing at all? You get to decide.

A Vegas elopement: A church ceremony attended by a thousand of your closest friends and family members, or a Britney Spears-style? It's your call.

Therefore, the answer to the question "Is a wedding welcome sign necessary?" is "no, but it's pretty neat."

All the wedding signs do is greet people on your special day. The names of the couple and the date of their wedding are common data to see on a welcome sign. You have the option to not include the sign at all or create your own floral sign. The floral sign shown in this lesson is an example of a unique option you can make.


"How do you decorate a wedding sign?" might be on your mind now. Welcome signs can be elevated with your wedding theme because they are blank canvases.

Here are some suggestions for adding even more decoration to your wedding sign:

Seating arrangement. Many couples put their seating chart next to or on their wedding sign.

Menu for dinner or drinks. This is a playful and convenient method to inform visitors about the food and beverage options available for the evening!

As your loved ones join you in celebrating your special day, provide them a place to leave well wishes. It makes perfect sense to place this book alongside your welcome sign.

Greenery. We at Ling's Moment adore nature! Consider wrapping extra garland around the stand or table that holds your wedding sign.

Covers. Use wedding shawls, drapes, silk, or chiffon to give your welcome sign an extra pop of your wedding colors. 

Air balloons. What's a quick, easy, and straightforward method to give almost any wedding décor a little flair? helium balloons


How do you put flowers on a welcome sign for a wedding? This can be accomplished in a few simple ways! These are our best recommendations:

Pins for boutonnieres. These pins are sturdy and may be used for crafts. You can use them to add flowers or light floral swag to your wedding welcome sign. 

Warm adhesive. You may have just discovered the most straightforward solution if you've been attempting to figure out how to glue fake flowers to a wooden sign.

Hooks for commands. Attach command hooks to your welcome sign to hang ribbons, cloth, or other tiny fabric embellishments. Command hooks are readily available at most dollar or hobby stores.

Pins made of metal. Use the metal pegs designed especially for tiny, light artwork to hang on the walls.


You have choices of materials you can use to make your own DIY welcome wedding sign. Take into account these options for your signage:

Wood. Wood is used not only for rustic weddings, but also for other occasions where it pairs well. Among the many benefits of a wooden wedding sign are its longevity and its recyclable or biodegradable nature. We also adore the timeless and sturdy vibe that wood evokes.

Foam-filled boards. They are not only easily found but reasonably priced, lightweight, strong, and fully adjustable.

Acrylic. More resilient than glass, acrylic (Plexiglass) is a stiff, plastic-like substance that is lightweight and weatherproof. This is typically the most costly option for a welcome wedding sign. 

Mirrors. Mirrored wedding signs have become increasingly popular in recent years due to their heirloom-like, vintage vibe. Remember that the writing may occasionally be challenging when selecting a mirror. However, you can always address this by adding an opaque element—for example, writing your message on paper.


You're not alone if you're thinking of reusing your wedding sign! Who wouldn't wish to utilize a component again from one of their most treasured days? Here are some suggestions for repurposing your welcome sign—or any sign—for your wedding:

Artwork for walls. Putting a frame around your homemade wedding signs is one of the simplest ways to use them as wall décor. Anywhere in the house, utilize the frame as an artistic focal point or added to a gallery wall.

décor for the entryway. You may recycle your welcome signs for your entryway if you don't use dates on them.

Other happenings. Repurpose your wedding signage for other love-themed occasions, such as an anniversary or Valentine's Day. On their fifth wedding anniversary, many couples follow the tradition of giving gifts made of wood.

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