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Flower Eucalyptus Garland

DIY How to Make Eucalyptus Garland

Are you trying to find the ideal method to update the décor in your house? Discover how to create a simple do-it-yourself eucalyptus garland with floral wire, Trader Joe's eucalyptus stems, and more! It is ideal for a gorgeous wall decoration or table runner for your special occasion. 

My favorite fall crafts involve pumpkins, such as these pumpkin vases and this preppy pumpkin. Eucalyptus Garland is a simple and enjoyable way to create a festive garland. It involves using seeded eucalyptus and other flowers such as silver dollar eucalyptus.

Make Eucalyptus Garland 

Are you searching for pretty decorations to spruce up your table or mantel for your upcoming party or holiday get-together? You only need to make a homemade eucalyptus garland using fresh stems from your neighborhood grocery store.

The eucalyptus garland is my favorite because it can be tailored to your specifications. You can add more blossoms and work with other varieties of eucalyptus. Berries remind me of the holidays, and I adore the splash of color, so I incorporated them. They also remind me of the beautiful memories of carrying them in my bouquet at our wedding ten years ago.

It can also be extended. You might hold it in your hands like a classic garland or use it as a runner with candles in the middle of your table. It has a beautiful scent and gives your table a festive appearance.

Although it can last for a day or two, creating the eucalyptus on the day of your event is preferable. For roughly $15, I bought two of the three varieties of eucalyptus. How simple it was to make amazed me.

It looks fantastic in place of a floral arrangement on a dining room table. This encourages you to create your own. I am eager to return there.

I'll walk you through making a eucalyptus garland in this tutorial with basic supplies like floral wire and pruning shears. Using natural elements in your design not only adds beauty but also fills the room with a pleasant scent. Now, let's get going!


Materials to Make Eucalyptus Garland 

  • Natural eucalyptus branches, including silver dollar eucalyptus, suggest three long stems.
  • Floral wire or twine
  • Scissors
  • Wire cutters (if using floral wire)
  • Ribbon or string (optional)
  • Berries, fresh branches, or additional fresh flowers (optional) 

Instructions: How to Make Eucalyptus Garland

Add a natural element to your home decor this holiday season by crafting a eucalyptus garland or wreath. The adaptable foliage of eucalyptus leaves may give a natural element to any area. This is how to create a wreath or garland out of eucalyptus:


Arrange the branches of your eucalyptus on a level area. These can be bought at a florist, craft store, or neighborhood supermarket. You can even harvest the flowers if you live near eucalyptus trees.

Choose how long you want your wreath or garland to be. Measure the space where you want to hang the garland and allow enough for draping if you're making one. If you're building a wreath, use a wreath form or florist wire to form a circle.

Remove any undesirable leaves from the stem of a eucalyptus branch. Leave some leaves close to the stem's end for a more organic appearance.

Secure the eucalyptus stems to the garland or wreath form using floral wire or thread. To keep the wire in place, tightly wrap it around the stem and form.

Repeat steps 3 and 4 with extra eucalyptus branches, slightly overlapping the stems to produce a finished effect.

Add eucalyptus branches to a garland until you achieve the desired length. If creating a wreath, keep adding branches until the whole shape is covered.

Cut extra wire or twine with wire cutters.

You can hang your garland or wreath from a ribbon or piece of string if you'd like.


For an additional punch of color, embellish your garland or wreath with other organic components like berries or pinecones.

To keep the eucalyptus fresh, hang your garland or wreath in a well-ventilated place.

To keep your eucalyptus fresh, spray it with water if it dries.

For safety, add tall, thick candles with the wick placed far away from the garland. Alternatively, place candles in a glass container to prevent the wick from being exposed.

You may create a wreath or garland out of eucalyptus. Without a wreath shape, you might make a DIY eucalyptus wreath using comparable techniques. On your front door, it would look fantastic. We carried out this last year.

A hint of nature can be easily included in your interior design. Try it out. Watch how it changes your room!

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