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Purple wedding theme

Purple Themed Wedding

It makes sense that you would desire a purple-themed wedding if you are a purple fan. Purple comes in various tones, and experimenting with them can change the tone of your ceremony from formal to playful. 

Shades of Purple Wedding Themes

Differenttirely may have different tones in mind when they mention purple. This gorgeous hue comes in several forms, such as: 

Light Shades

In the spring and summer, pastel and lighter colors of purple look quite attractive. These hues include lavender, wisteria, orchid, and lilac.

Medium to Dark Shades

Medium-toned amethyst, violet, and plum look great all year round. While plum and eggplant (aubergine) are rich purples with gorgeous fall and winter hues, royal purple tends to lean more toward blue. 

Pink-Red Purples

There are purple hues that are pink or reddish in tone. There are even those who could refer to them as "pink." Mauve and magenta are included in this group. 

What Colors Go With Purple for a Wedding?

Purple pairs well with other wedding colors like royal purple, aubergine, and lilac. 


If you want the purple to pop truly, you can always go with neutrals like:

Silver: This contrasts wonderfully with deep and mild purples, seeming fanciful.

White: When combined with any other color, white draws attention.

Cream: Try pairing cream with any shade of purple if you're not into stark white but still want a subtle contrast.

Tan: While tan can be difficult to pull off with purple, a light tan, cuddled to the deepest purple or even a pinkish-purple, might be ideal.

Brown: For a refined style, pair brown with magenta, lilac, or lavender.

Gray: Charcoal looks gorgeous combined with lavender, dark bluish-purple, and silver for an evening wedding.

Some brides choose black and white for their wedding colors. You can stand out by using lavender or lilac instead of white.

Deep accent hues with purple are often best reserved for fall and winter, or at the very least, evening weddings throughout the warmer months. October through February are great for weddings in chocolate brown and black shades. On the other hand, in the spring and summer, combining light or brilliant purples with light hues like white or cream creates a cheerful, new look. But in the low winter light, those same light hues look stunning when combined with rich tones like plum, aubergine, or royal purple. 

Other Colors to Pair With Purple

Another option would be to go with something surprising, like a different tint with the same brightness or depth. Compared to the neutral tones, you should use these in lower proportions. Add some colorful flowers to the purple ones. Alternatively, you can tie a ribbon around the stems of the purple flowers for a pop of color. Try this:

Pinks: ballet pink, hot pink

Scarlet, burned orange, sunset orange, peach, and other orange and red colors.

Blues: robin's egg, royal blue, and turquoise

Kelly, pine, and mint greens are examples of greens.

Vibrant color schemes, like purple and yellow, are ideal for summer. For springtime weddings, pastel hues like peach and ballet pink are lovely. Amethyst and royal blue hues work well throughout the cold winter months. 

Incorporating Purple Into Your Wedding

You can add as much or as little color as you like. There are many places to include purple, such as the cake, stationary, and centerpieces. 

Wedding Party Attire

Most brides will ask their bridesmaids to wear the purple color they choose. The maid of honor may decide to wear something more or less colored.

Brides can choose a colorful wedding gown, a garment with purple accents, or accessorize with amethyst jewelry. Men ought to accessorize with purple boutonnieres and vests. Bouquets, hair accessories, and socks should all complement the purple hue.

Flowers for a Purple Theme

You don't have to limit yourself to just one shade of purple flowers for your wedding. When paired with a purple bridesmaid dress or a white bridal gown, red, orange, yellow, and purple bouquets look amazing.

Remember to experiment a little bit with your flower selection. Purple flowers are not limited to peonies and roses. There are many other options as well. Think about: 

  • Hydrangeas
  • Carnations
  • Irises
  • Clematis
  • Forget-me-nots
  • Orchids
  • Lisianthus
  • Calla lilies

Ceremony Decorations

Use the wedding color of your choice to decorate the ceremony area. Have a purple runner, make a bridal arch with flowers and textiles in your chosen color, and remember to add purple columns and other accent pieces. Whether bows, flowers, or wreaths, chairs, and pew decorations can also feature your preferred hue. 

Reception Table Decorations

At weddings, use purple flowers as centerpieces on tables with lighter or darker purple tablecloths for a cohesive look. Consider using a purple runner instead of all purple linens if you'd instead utilize black or white. Use purple satin to cover the chairs or purple ribbon to create a wedding bow. 

Reception Lighting

Purple event lighting is a simple, low-cost method to bring purple to a reception. Have your DJ add purple gels to the spotlights and swap out half of the lightbulbs with purple ones. When you drape purple light strands behind tulle backdrops, your ordinary white linens become glittering purple standouts.

Perfectly Purple

Use purple throughout your wedding to make it your theme. Work with your vendors to choose a shade of purple that will stand out at your event. The outcome will be just fantastic.

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